Chapter 3, page 5

Eddie here! I had so many false starts with this page, and I felt like throwing a chair through the window most of the week. Even though I'd spent time building thumbnails and layouts, once I started really drawing, the storytelling kept feeling stilted. I changed angles, panel layouts, etc, but kept scrapping ideas all week. Fortunately, I am pretty pleased with the result. Also really enjoy drawing people's head's exploding, so you should comment and tell Scotto to write me more of that.

Interlude: Lorelei pinup by Robert Reeves

Artist: Robert Reeves
About the artist: "Reeves received a BA in Art with honors from the University of Northern Iowa in 1994 while pursuing interests in film, theater, and music.  He has been creating and exhibiting for over 20 years; public art, studio work, and commissions for private individuals as well as small and large businesses."

Chapter 2, page 1

Eddie here! I've stayed rather quiet over the release of the past chapter, simply because my life tends to be hectic as hell. In addition to drawing this comic, I have a job, and also write, direct, and perform in the local theater scene. I am usually out of the house working from 7am-11pm on the weekdays (and work weekends on the comic!). I enjoyed the first chapter because Scotto was constantly challenging me to tell the story with extremely limited text/dialogue support, and so the illustrative storytelling had to be extremely on-point. This is a thrilling thing to ask an artist, especially one who is just learning how to make comics for the first time! I'm excited about the coming chapter because Scotto has written IMHO some really great dialogue, and it means that I have to switch gears and try different storytelling techniques. Since we are publishing this as a webcomic and a personal project rather than one we are being paid for, one of my goals is to not be afraid to try new things, learn from past mistakes, and try to continually evolve as a storyteller. 

We are also starting to get a lot more responses from readers themselves, and I would like to take a moment to encourage you to keep responding. This project is for me and Scotto a huge labor of love and we want to know how folks feel about it! Now that the story is really picking up and we have a sizeable amount of material we can share, our next steps over the summer are to expand our audience base, and consider setting up a Patreon to help take some of the financial burden of creating this comic off of our shoulders. If you're enjoying the comic, help us out by commenting, joining our newsletter, or better yet, taking the time to share it with friends of yours! We imagine that we will be dedicating the next few years of our lives to telling this story (Scotto's hooked me by explaining the long-term story-arc, and it's *awesome*), and we hope that we'll have readers who get invested in our work and art for the long haul. 

xoxo - e

Chapter 1, pages 8 and 9

Eddie here: "Page 8 & 9?" you ask, "I only see one page!" Well, when Scotto and I started working together we weren't sure whether we were going to build a webcomic or a print comic, so this is actually a double page spread (it is HUGE). For the purposes of the web, we decided that it looked better if it was flipped vertical rather than its original spread. One day, we definitely aim to have this all in print and we'll get to see how this turns out!